How to use foldify (quick guide)

On opening Foldify, you're presented with a gallery of existing projects. Touch the plus button to begin a new project.

Choose a template. The first one is for a person.

Tools at the top, figure on the left, "canvas" on the right. Spin the figure on the left to watch your progress as you create.

Touch the color selector at the top to choose a color to draw with. Note that the "grid" option colors the entire canvas with one click.

Choose from a library of elements like eyes, mouths, arms, etc. to quickly create a great looking papercraft. Just drag an element out of the menu bar, then use your fingers to place, resize or rotate

I made a paper family for my wife, starting with my son. Here is my source photo...

Here he is on my iPad...

When you're ready, touch PRINT, then select an option ( does anybody have an AirPrint compatible printer? ) to output your creation to the printer.

Cut on the solid lines, fold on the dotted lines, then drive yourself crazy taping the whole thing together...

And voila! A super-cute little papercraft family! It's so neat to see your kids bring their art to life with Foldify!

Here is Frankie-stein (monster high) for my daughter.

Foldify tips: 1. Use two fingers to zoom and rotate your canvas while you work 2. Your tools draw the same size on screen no matter the zoom, so zoom OUT to color quickly and zoom IN for fine detail.

3. For Christmas, tape a Foldify creation to an iTunes gift card... 4. or lift the head, stuff with tissue paper and earrings or a trinket! Add a tiny bow on the head and you're golden!

Watch the video: Foldify - Create, Print u0026 Fold! - Best App For Kids - iPhoneiPadiPod Touch (December 2021).